Our Mission:

The mission of MACCA is to improve the administration of justice, increase the proficiency of court managers, share and promote best practices in administration, serve as a vehicle for updates on court rules, legislation and technology and take positions on issues of interest to court management.

Our Goals Are To:

– Provide opportunities for the exchange of information among members regarding court management.
– Provide opportunities for continuing professional education in order to increase the proficiency of court managers.
– Share strategies, practices and innovative ideas to improve the administration of justice.
– Expand and improve the Association Web page in order to disseminate useful information to court managers.

History of the Association

The Michigan Association of Circuit Court Administrators was founded in 1974. Salvatore “Sam” Crimondo of Macomb County was the first Circuit Court Administrator in the State in 1965 and was also the first President of the Association. In addition to Sam, the founding members of the Association were David Cable of Saginaw Circuit Court, Harry Duplesses of Detroit’s Recorder’s Court, Pat Jacobs of Wayne County Circuit Court, Lester Blagg of Oakland County Circuit Court, Don Sherburne of Kalamazoo County Circuit Court, Art Chettle of Genessee County Circuit Court, Bill Sucha of Muskegon County Circuit Court and Bob Byrne of St. Joseph County Circuit Court.